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About us

Institute of Science & Technology is the administrative department in charge of scientific research, S&T development and promotion in Xi'an Jiaotong University, which was established for the goal of building a world-renowned high-level university, deepening the reform of scientific research management system, strengthening scientific research competitiveness and talent discovery. It consists of the Department of Public Affairs, Department of Research Bases and Achievements Service, Department of Major Projects and S&T Development, Department of Basic Research and Overseas Cooperation, and Department of National Defense Projects Management.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Combine with the national overall strategy and objectives for the future development of science and technology, to further strengthen the research and formulation of science and technology development plans and policies in the university, and continuously promote the innovation of science and technology system.

2. Scientific research projects and achievements management.

3. Key scientific research bases construction and management.

4. Transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

5. Strengthening academic exchanges at home and abroad, promoting international scientific research cooperation and expanding the international influence of the university.

6. Undertaking the secretarial work of the Association of Science and Technology and the Academic Committee of the university.

7. S&T archival contracts management, legal affairs consultation, scientific papers management, academic exchange, scientific and technological information publicity, scientific and technological statistics, etc.

8. Training and guidance for research secretaries in all units of the university.

9. Intellectual property and patent management.

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